Nginx tuning tips: HTTPS/TLS – Turbocharge TTFB/Latency

Are you looking to optimize the performance of Nginx? One way to do so is by tuning Nginx to support the latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols (TLS 1.2 & TLS 1.3). In this article, we’ll explore how optimizing Nginx’s TLS config can reduce TTFB (Time To First Byte) latency and turbocharge website speed, providing […]

Guide to Network Troubleshooting in Linux

Network reliability is not just a convenience—it’s a cornerstone of operational integrity. Linux, known for its robustness and versatility, is the platform of choice for many network administrators. However, even the most robust networks can encounter hiccups that require advanced troubleshooting. This article delves into Linux network troubleshooting, providing both casual users and system administrators […]

PHP 8.3 is Out! – 60% Still Using End-of-Life PHP 7

Yesterday, on November 23, 2024, the PHP community welcomed the release of PHP 8.3, marking another milestone in the evolution of this widely used scripting language. With PHP powering 76.7% of all websites with known server-side programming languages, upgrading PHP is critical in ensuring the security, efficiency, and overall user experience of a significant portion […]

Passwordless Authentication Services

The digital landscape of 2024 is rapidly evolving, and with it, the need to reassess traditional cybersecurity practices, particularly the reliance on passwords. Recent studies and developments in the field of cybersecurity strongly advocate for a transition towards a passwordless future. This blog post delves into the reasons why passwords should become a relic (no […]

Don’t miss out on Ubuntu Pro (Free for Personal use)

Ubuntu has been a popular choice for many users for years. However, with the rise of cyberattacks, security has become a primary concern for many users, especially those running critical applications and services. To meet the growing demand for secure and reliable Ubuntu deployments, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has introduced Ubuntu Pro, a subscription-based […]

5 Network Devices for work-from-home and Small Business

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a mass migration from the work office to the home office. This continues to increase the requirements for better home network security, capacity, and additional capabilities. Small business and work-from-home networks must be more performant, reliable, accountable, and easier to manage. As such, network devices designed for consumers […]

AI Regulation: AI to Regulate Itself!

Believe it or not, in a few years, AI will be regulated by AI. This may sound outlandish, but AI regulation requires a volume of oversight that realistically only AI-driven technology could adequately handle the detection, reporting, and enforcement. The journey of AI, from its conceptual roots to its present omnipresence, has been nothing short […]

How to Set Up an Nginx Certbot

If you are looking to automate the process of obtaining, installing, and updating TLS/SSL certificates on your web server, then Let’s Encrypt is a very useful tool. It is a certificate authority (CA) that comes packaged with a corresponding software client, Certbot, that will automatically install TLS/SSL certificates. This means that you can run encrypted HTTPS […]

Remove Snap Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

The first thing I did after installing Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was to remove Snap and its snap packages completely. I’m not proud of that approach as I have nothing against snap packages per se; I simply enjoy using apt (advanced package tool).   Update: A member of our community forums suggested the following: “…you could […]

Fix Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘appstream’ – CentOS 8

As we all know, CentOS 8 reached its End of Life (EOL) on December 31, 2021, and CentOS Linux 7 will reach its end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024, marking a significant shift in the CentOS ecosystem. This transition to CentOS Stream leaves system administrators and users with some important decisions to make. […]

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