G-Core Labs CDN Review

G-Core Labs has its cloud and edge solutions ecosystem where Content Delivery Network (CDN) initially have had an important role. Unlike other providers, the company offers all the benefits of deep integration between CDN and Cloud, Storage, DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and other cloud services at affordable rates. With it, G-Core Labs CDN […]

dnf error: cannot find the libbrotlidec.so.1 library (cPanel/WHM CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8)

Upgrading from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 is a significant step towards ensuring that your systems remain secure, supported, and up-to-date with the latest features and security patches. AlmaLinux 8, as a community-driven replacement for CentOS, offers a robust and reliable platform that is binary compatible with RHEL 8. This transition, however, can sometimes present […]

Improving OpenVPN performance and throughput

OpenVPN, WireGuard, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP, or others. If you had the luxury of choosing, which VPN protocols would you use? Therein lies my problem. In my current use case, I must find a way to improve OpenVPN performance and throughput. You may have been following my Linux home lab build. One of the most […]

How to Integrate Cloudflare with CSF Firewall

April 11th 2024 update: This article has evolved from “Replacing Cloudflare with CSF Firewall” to, “How to Integrate Cloudflare with CSF Firewall”. Leveraging CSF for Enhanced Security on Cloudflare-enabled Websites Over time, web infrastructure evolves, necessitating updates in our security and performance strategies. Notably, Bunny CDN served as a comprehensive caching solution for my blog […]

Generating Secure Passwords for your Linux Server

Update: March 4th 2024: While the guidance below – originally provided in 2013 – emphasizes the creation and management of secure passwords, more than a decade later, it’s important to recognize and advocate for the use of passwordless authentication methods wherever feasible. Authentication keys for SSH, biometric authentication, and single sign-on (SSO) are exemplary alternatives that […]

Choosing the Perfect Network Firewall Device for under $300

Embarking on the quest to find the ideal home office, home lab or small business firewall device is akin to navigating a jungle, but let’s narrow it down by setting the budget to under $300 USD. Picture this: your network is already configured and has been working without issue for a while now. You are […]

Firewalla – Home Network Security Firewall Devices

Home network security involves safeguarding the network that interconnects devices like routers, computers, smartphones, and security cameras, both among themselves and with the internet. Regardless of whether the intent of cyberattacks on home networks is personal, the moment a network is online, it becomes exposed to a multitude of external threats. The scale of the […]

Blockchain & Linux: Exclusive Interview with Hyperledger’s Daniela Barbosa

In this exclusive interview with Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Foundation and General Manager of Blockchain and Identity at The Linux Foundation, we delve into the dynamic and evolving world of blockchain technology. Her leadership in the Hyperledger Foundation illuminates the interplay between blockchain, identity management, and the Linux ecosystem. Readers will gain […]

How to fix GPG NO_PUBKEY Error: “The following signatures couldn’t be…”

You may occasionally encounter GPG errors during an apt-get update or apt-get upgrade when maintaining a Debian-based systems. These errors typically indicate that your system is missing one or more public keys required for verifying the integrity and authenticity of packages from its repositories. This guide will walk you through resolving “NO_PUBKEY” errors, ensuring your […]

Recommended Cloudflare Performance and Security Settings (Guide)

Cloudflare stands out as an impressive ally in the pursuit of optimal website performance and security. Known for its robust suite of tools designed to enhance website performance and bolster security, Cloudflare has become an essential component in the toolboxes of web developers and IT professionals alike. However, harnessing the power of Cloudflare isn’t without […]

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