If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? – John Wooden

Phone Consultation

Let’s discuss your infrastructure and web application challenges, and explore how I can deliver improvements.

Ongoing Full Server Management

Ensure your servers perform optimally with our comprehensive management services:

  • + Uptime Monitoring and Alerts: Immediate response to ensure high availability.
  • + Firewall and Security Monitoring: Keeping your systems secure from threats.
  • + Kernel and Security Updates: Regular updates to the Linux Kernel and security patches.
  • + MySQL and HTTPD Performance Tuning: Monitoring and enhancements for MySQL and HTTPD (Apache, Nginx, etc.).
  • + Proactive System Health Monitoring: Setup of server health pages and trend graphing for real-time hardware checks.
    + Includes toll-free number for urgent support.
  • + Ask about discounted rates for yearly retainer clients.

Web Server Audit

In-depth server audit and optimization report. (Starts at $450 per server):

  • + Comprehensive System Analysis: Check on Disk i/o, RAM, swap, and CPU performance (Disk i/o, RAM, swap, CPU).
  • + Network and Security Inspection: Ensuring your firewall and network are secure.
  • + MySQL Health: Optimization check for MySQL performance (health check).
  • + PHP and Cache Optimization: Includes OpCache review and tuning.
    + Each audit provides a complete optimization estimate to enhance performance.

Web Server Optimization

Must complete a “Full Web Server Audit” before starting this service:

  • + OS and Network Tuning: Addressing any identified bottlenecks for improved performance.
  • + Advanced MySQL Tuning: Specific optimizations for MariaDB and Percona.
  • + HTTPD Optimization: Fine-tuning Apache, Nginx, and more for peak performance.
  • + Complete Performance Overhaul: From caching setup to Apache tuning and PHP optimizations.

Additional Linux Services

Security Hardening: Enhance the integrity of your Linux OS with comprehensive security checks and optimizations, including firewall setups, email server protections, and port management. Implement brute force attack prevention, and harden your web applications and servers such as Apache/HTTP, SSH, FTP, and MySQL for a fortified security landscape.

MySQL Performance Optimization: Tailor your MySQL server for peak performance. After analyzing 24 to 48 hours of runtime statistics, I’ll optimize your server based on the specific needs of your hardware and web applications, aiming to enhance speed and resource efficiency.

PHP Speed Optimization: Move beyond the basic PHP setup to boost the performance of critical web applications like Magento, WordPress, and Drupal. By customizing PHP configurations, minimizing extensions, and optimizing caching, I ensure your PHP environment is lean, fast, and fully compatible with your applications.

cPanel Optimization: Transform cPanel from a resource-heavy tool into a streamlined control panel. My optimization reduces the memory and CPU footprint of all cPanel/WHM services, freeing up resources to enhance site delivery and performance.

CDN and Cloudflare Setup: Speed up your website by distributing your content across a CDN or leveraging Cloudflare to decrease load times. This setup ensures faster access to images, CSS, and JavaScript files from multiple global points, significantly improving the user experience.

Apache Performance Optimization: Dive into my proven Apache optimization techniques to boost efficiency. I’ll customize Apache settings to your specific server requirements, possibly integrating an Nginx reverse proxy for enhanced performance.

Nginx Performance Optimization: Even though Nginx is fast by default, there’s room for improvement. I focus on advanced configurations such as caching, core utilization, and buffer optimization to ensure your Nginx setup is tuned for maximum efficiency and scalability.

Web App Performance Optimization: Conduct thorough performance audits and enhancements for various platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento, ensuring each application runs at its best.

Service Types: My services extend beyond typical setups to include Anti Virus Scan & Protection, Amazon EC2 Management, CDN, Capacity Planning, Cloud Management, Consultancy, and more. From DNS management to PCI DSS Compliance, I offer a full spectrum of IT solutions tailored to your needs.

Software and Applications: I am proficient with a wide range of software and applications necessary for robust IT management, including Apache, APC, Bind/Named, Cacti, and many others. Whether it’s managing lightweight servers like Lighttpd or complex setups involving Virtuozzo, I have the expertise to support your infrastructure.

Control Panels: Whether you use cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, or no control panel at all, I can optimize and manage your server environment to ensure smooth operations.

Script Installations: Expert installation and configuration of scripts across multiple languages and platforms, including Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails.

Operating Systems: Comprehensive support across various Linux distributions such as Redhat Linux, CentOS, CloudLinux, Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Client Feedback

“Thank you for driving the site to achieve over 99% uptime and a significantly faster page load speed across the site. You have our server optimized, and we are experiencing growing traffic and increased on-site content to over 98,000 pages. Our being a reliable source of online medical information since 2003 is a hallmark of our credibility.  Your service has assisted in us improving our reliability for our readership.  Thanks, you are the best!”
 — Gina G. –

“After searching for a VPS hosting company, I was thrilled to come across Hayden James and StackLinux. Working with Hayden has been an amazing experience, and it is very refreshing to work with someone so knowledgeable and professional. Hayden is without a doubt best in class and knowing that my site is hosted with StackLinux and thus worry-free, it allows me to forget about the server aspect of running a web-based business and allows me to focus my attention and energy on growing my business.”
— Rick P. –

Thanks, Hayden! This is the most confident I have ever been in my server configs, and I’ve been at this for 6 straight years. Many thanks to you!”
— Dusty D. –

“We have worked with Hayden for over 5 years. During that time he has helped us grow and scale our server(s) across many changing requirements and technologies. He initially helped save us from a very bad hosting situation. We’ve been up and running extremely smoothly for years and have been able to exceed our SLA for years. Hayden knows what he’s doing; he’s very knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, works efficiently, and genuinely cares that things are completed correctly and thoroughly. I’ve always appreciated that he is willing to explain options, provide documentation, respond quickly, provide good long-term advice, and find solutions to unique problems.”
— Cameron H. –

“For several years, Hayden has been my Linux System Administrator. My design firm hosts dozens of websites on Stacklinux servers with literally zero downtime. Hayden is a brilliant, pleasant and diligent vendor who is meticulous in his work. Prior to hiring Mr. James, we had several horrendous experiences with other hosting companies. Hayden took the time to work with me, explain and migrate dozens of sites to Stacklinux seamlessly. Hayden’s professionalism and desire to get it right has made a critical part of my business simple and no longer a concern. Truly he is a genius who has mastered his profession.”
 — Christine Otten

“Thanks Hayden! Stacklinux Hosting has been rock solid, no problems.”
— Paul Eddison –

“Perfection. Hayden knows this stuff better than any SysAdmin I’ve ever worked with.”
— Jordan L. –

“Hayden has incredible domain knowledge, is responsive and communicates well.  Probably the best we’ve ever worked with.”
— Jason P. –

“We put Hayden in an interesting spot, troubleshooting a slow machine running PHP/MySQL with an unknown problem. He was successful in quickly identifying the performance issue, and tweaking the database to improve the performance to the level we needed, and did it within one evening, the day contracted. Highly recommend, extremely professional, and really cared and genuinely wanted the project to be successful, and he was.”
— Josh B. –

“Hayden not only help me fix a problem we were having with WordPress, but he also went above and beyond and found the root cause of issues with Rackspace that were deeply hidden. I cannot say enough about his attention to detail or professionalism. Highly recommended!”
— Jay G. –

“Honestly, it would be impossible to be any more pleased. Hayden is 1 in a million… and made my life so easy. I would full-heartedly refer Hayden to any and everyone. Do yourself a favor, hire him!!! I will definitely use Hayden again.”
— Matt L. –

“Worked fast and professional on a rather tricky optimization job. He look at all the options, told us what to do best and got our system much faster, This guy knows all the tricks, the newest hardware and the best options to get your system running at its best.”
— Ralf T. –

“Even though we’d spent years tweaking our server configurations, Hayden made numerous improvements after finding things we never thought to look for. He was also very fast and punctual, and easy to get a hold of.”
— Charles K. –

“Hayden was very easy to work with. He had completed similar projects but never one exactly like mine. I felt he did proper homework prior to beginning the project, which ensured the best solution for me. He was prompt to respond and completed the project in the middle of the night- during off-hours for my website. I will certainly use Hayden again.”
 — Peter I. –

“Hayden is an excellent server administrator, he has been helping us since 2012. Features that are his strong point: dynamism, commitment to deadlines, dedication, availability and deep knowledge of best practices applied to Linux server administration. We recommend his services with complete certainty.”
 — Jonatas S. –

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