25 Best CDN Providers 2023

A content delivery network, also referred to as a content distribution network (CDN), is a geographically distributed network of data centers containing proxy servers. CDN providers serve internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live-streaming media, to name closer to and thus faster, to end-users. Some of the […]

Don’t miss out on Ubuntu Pro (Free for Personal use)

Ubuntu has been a popular choice for many users for years. However, with the rise of cyberattacks, security has become a primary concern for many users, especially those running critical applications and services. To meet the growing demand for secure and reliable Ubuntu deployments, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has introduced Ubuntu Pro, a subscription-based […]

5 Network Devices for work-from-home and Small Business 2023

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a mass migration from the work office to the home office. This continues to increase the requirements for better home network security, capacity, and additional capabilities. Small business and work-from-home networks must be more performant, reliable, accountable, and easier to manage. As such, network devices designed for consumers […]

AI Regulation: AI to Regulate Itself!

Believe it or not, in a few years, AI will be regulated by AI. This may sound outlandish, but AI regulation requires a volume of oversight that realistically only AI-driven technology could adequately handle the detection, reporting, and enforcement. The journey of AI, from its conceptual roots to its present omnipresence, has been nothing short […]

bottom (btm) – A Comprehensive System Resource Monitor

Today, I learned about bottom – yet another command line process/system monitoring tool. I’m probably late to this one, however, I want to quickly share this tool with readers. Have you ever found yourself needing a detailed and real-time overview of system resource usage on your server or computer? Specifically for Linux, there are various […]

Cloud monitoring 101: Benefits and best practices

In the last decade, enterprises have experienced a transformational shift towards cloud technology. Ninety-four percent of organizations today employ cloud services. One might even call this the golden age of cloud since technology dominates the industry, with many companies having some, if not all, parts of their operations in the cloud. Although cloud-based and hybrid-cloud […]

Finding Linux Compatible Printers

If you are looking for Linux compatible printers, in this article, you will find printers that seamlessly integrate with Linux operating systems. We’ll explore a selection of high-quality printers from various brands, along with valuable resources, to ensure a smooth printing experience on Linux. I’ll keep working on repairing broken links leading to printer manufacturers’ […]

Free vs. Available Memory in Linux

At times, we will need to know precisely how our Linux systems use memory. This article will examine how to use the free command-line utility to view memory usage on a Linux system. In doing so, we will clearly define the difference between free vs. available memory on Linux systems.   Free vs. Available memory […]

What is iowait and how does it affect Linux performance?

iowait (wait, wa, %iowait, wait%, or I/O wait) is often displayed by command-line Linux system monitoring tools such as top, sar, atop, and others. On its own, it’s one of many performance stats that provide us insight into Linux system performance. I/O wait came up in a recent discussion with a new client. During our support […]

How to Set Up an Nginx Certbot

If you are looking to automate the process of obtaining, installing, and updating TLS/SSL certificates on your web server, then Let’s Encrypt is a very useful tool. It is a certificate authority (CA) that comes packaged with a corresponding software client, Certbot, that will automatically install TLS/SSL certificates. This means that you can run encrypted HTTPS […]

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