Best Linux Compatible Laptops

For enthusiasts, developers, and professionals who prefer the Linux operating system, choosing a Linux compatible laptop is a pivotal decision. Here are five Linux-compatible laptops that I evaluated in my recent quest for a new Linux laptop. Each evaluated across five key areas: Linux compatible, Performance, Battery Life, Build Quality and Design, and Price and […]

ThinkPad T14s Gen 3 AMD Linux User Review + Tweaks

The Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 3 AMD laptop emerges as a sterling example of how traditional business hardware can evolve to meet modern demands. My T14s Gen 3 (Model: 21CQ000DUS) is equipped with a very capable AMD Ryzen 7 6850U CPU and Radeon 680M graphics processor. It stands out in a market saturated with Intel […]

5 ‘other’ Independent Linux Distros You Should Try

As a Linux user or administrator, you are probably familiar with the most popular Linux distribution: Ubuntu. However, have you considered trying out independent Linux distros? In this article, I will explain why independent Linux distros can be an excellent option for curious-minded users.   What is an independent Linux distribution? An independent Linux distribution […]

Kali Linux non-root and no pen-test tools install w/ screenshots

Update: Thankfully, as of release 2020.1, Kali Linux has swapped to a privileged non-root user by default. You will now log in with the user you create during the install process and no longer as root. This means you can now accomplish my recommended setup (a stable non-root Debian-testing rolling release, managed by the Kali […]

Linux: We need Tiling Desktop Environments

The Linux ecosystem is renowned for its diversity and flexibility, boasting a wide array of distributions (distros) catering to various user needs. However, while there are around a hundred popular and actively maintained Linux distros to choose from, the number of available desktop environments (DEs) pales in comparison. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

After 10 Yrs of Linux, I Switched to Windows. What next?

I’m looking forward to hearing from experienced Windows users who also use Linux and learning some tips on enhancing my experience on Windows 10 and 11. As a Linux user, you may wonder why someone would ever consider replacing it with Windows. Be nice! It is always valuable to explore how well competing operating systems […]

Boost Your Linux Command Line Productivity, Part 1

Welcome to the first part of a series of command line tips to boost your Linux productivity. The command line interface can be a lifesaver for those who work on these systems regularly. In this series, we will explore five ways to help you work faster and more efficiently on Linux servers (or Linux desktops) […]

Best Linux distro and Desktop Environment Combinations

Are you searching for the best Linux distro (distribution) and DE (Desktop Environment) combination? What better way to increase your familiarity with Linux servers than running Linux on your laptop or workstation? As mentioned previously, there’s the best Linux Distro for me and the best Linux Distro for you. What you choose today will often change […]

Ubuntu 22.04: Install Gnome Extensions Manager (Workaround)

Gnome Shell delivers core user interface functions for Gnome, such as switching windows and launching apps. Some of the interface elements provided by Gnome Shell include the top panel, activities overview, and notifications. Gnome Shell extensions, commonly referred to as Gnome extensions, are custom code extensions written by third-party developers that modify core UI functions […]

Webpc: Personal cloud desktop in your browser

We want to share with you our product, Webpc – A personal cloud desktop that focuses on privacy and simplicity. It’s a perfect use case if you want to test some code, run apps in a remote environment, or want to add an extra layer of security and privacy without spinning up a VM. Webpc […]

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