Pockit: A card-sized modular computer

Hey everyone! Hayden invited me to talk about the project I’ve been working on – a device named Pockit.


About Project Pockit

The project aims to let users quickly build various types of gadgets by connecting any arrangement of modular “Blocks” (each corresponding to a specific function: Button, SD card, Camera, Servo-Motor, Relay, etc.) to a connection grid on top of Pockit, which can run various applications including Linux-based ones.

I’ve made an exciting amount of progress in the last several months and made the above video demo of what such a modular platform enables so far.


Pockit early-access program

Discuss - Project Pockit
If you want to potentially be a part of the early-access program to try Pockit, you can sign up on the project website – the site also has lots of photos and details for those who’re interested in the evolution of the device.

I’m also happy to reply to comments/questions here or provide guidance for those who want to get into the exciting field of embedded electronics!

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  1. Very cool! Thank you for sharing. :+1:

  2. I signed up to updates back in March of last year. I love to tinker so excited to see what’s in store.

  3. This is the first time I am hearing about this. I am going to have to follow this and see where it goes for sure. Thanks for posting about it!

  4. How is this project coming along?

  5. I have not heard any updates on it in sometime. I believe I was subscribed to their mailing list for updates as well. I am going to use another e-mail just in case I have missed anything from them. A lot of people seem to think the project has either been killed or is on pause for the time being. I can’t seem to find any news or updates on it and have been looking. If I come across anything, I will be sure to post it here.

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