Multy – deploy and switch to any cloud provider (open beta)

Hey everyone, we’re excited to share the open beta of Multy!

About Multy - open beta

Multy is an open-source tool that makes it easy to deploy and switch to any cloud provider.

The motivation was the realization that, even when using Terraform, migrating infrastructure code requires an end-to-end re-write. Even though most core resources are the same in any major cloud, developers need to learn a new provider to deploy the same infrastructure when moving providers.

Core services

We currently support these core services from AWS and Azure:

  • Networking (virtual_network, subnet, route_table, security_group, network_interface, public_ip)
  • Compute (virtual_machine, managed Kubernetes)
  • Database (managed MySQL databases)
  • Vault (managed secrets)
  • Storage (managed storage)
  • Abstraction cloud differences (Azure VM public vs AWS EC2 private by default)
  • Deployment through Terraform

Feedback welcome

We’re looking for feedback from other developers about our approach and messaging. Let us know your thoughts!

Website: | Github: Multy – Easily deploy multi cloud infrastructure.

Also, read The Challenges of Building Multi Cloud.

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