– a new quick way to monitor your internet connection

What do you do when you question whether your internet connection is working, or not? I built to be a fast and convenient way to monitor your internet connection. How does work? Visiting Pinging will automatically run a few tests. Firstly, caching for the site is disabled, so when the page loads you have […]

I Think AI Saturation Will Revive this Old Web Platform

Today, I want to speculate, so please bear with me, and read on – I’m only human. Pun intended. It’s becoming increasingly evident that a rapid saturation of artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our online interactions in profound ways. As someone who has witnessed and contributed to the growth of the internet from its earlier […] is now!

Hello everyone, I’m thrilled to announce that has officially transitioned to a new domain:! Also, check out our new website. This change marks a significant milestone in our journey together. Over the years, has grown from a personal blog into a bustling hub for Linux enthusiasts and tech aficionados. As we […]

Join us on – Your New Linux Hub!

Hey there, fellow Linux enthusiasts! I hope this Sunday evening finds you well and filled with the same passion for Linux that has always driven us together. Today, I’m excited to share some fantastic news with you. I’m thrilled to announce the launch of to replace our previous home at “”!   What’s First […]

Linux: We need Tiling Desktop Environments

The Linux ecosystem is renowned for its diversity and flexibility, boasting a wide array of distributions (distros) catering to various user needs. However, while there are around a hundred popular and actively maintained Linux distros to choose from, the number of available desktop environments (DEs) pales in comparison. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

1 Year Anniversay of our Linux and Technology Forums!

The past year has been full of challenges and opportunities for many of us. As we reflect, it’s important to acknowledge the moments that have brought us joy, growth, and learning. One year ago, was launched as an online forum for Linux and technology industry experts. Today, we celebrate its first year anniversary and […]

Congrats Charles! – Winner of this month’s Firewalla Blue Plus Device

Not long ago, I announced a giveaway contest for three (3) Firewalla Blue Plus Devices! The Firewalla Blue Plus is a network layer security device. It’s an all-in-one, simple, yet powerful firewall that connects to your home router. Today, it’s my pleasure to announce this month’s winner of the second of three Firewalla Blue Plus devices! […]

Why we built even after crowdfunding failed started as a hobby project from our rooms when we had just graduated our college. Both Rohit & I studied Electronics & Telecommunications engineering for our Bachelor’s. Rohit is the technical brain and creator of the product, whereas I am responsible for promotion, operations, user research, etc. This blog will briefly cover our journey […]

Multy – deploy and switch to any cloud provider (open beta)

Hey everyone, we’re excited to share the open beta of Multy! About Multy Multy is an open-source tool that makes it easy to deploy and switch to any cloud provider. The motivation was the realization that, even when using Terraform, migrating infrastructure code requires an end-to-end re-write. Even though most core resources are the same […]

Firewalla Blue Plus Review by Ben Isai

I’d like to start off by thanking @hydn for the opportunity to enter and win this FWB+. Background I really enjoy homelabbing and playing with Linux (Servers/Networking devices). I have a few mini PCs, Raspberry Pis and other devices around the house that I thinker’ with. In 2020, I discovered Firewalla, and this company had everything I wanted, a beautiful phone […]

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