50 Top ‘Internet of Things’ Security Solutions

A couple of months back, I decided to maintain a list of companies that offer IoT (internet of things) security tools and solutions which you can find below. Feel free to share your solutions, feedback, and tips for securing IoT devices. In the future, I will update this list continuously. A few key questions arose after the 2016 DDoS cyber-attack on DYN’s DNS servers via IoT devices. The most important being: How do we protect IoT devices from future compromise?

DDoS attacks are not new; however, DDoS attacks and other malicious attacks using IoT devices are growing threats. As of 2019, there are more than 7 billion UPDATE: 12 billion connected IoT devices globally! That number is multiplying with the explosion of the IoT industry. So then, how do you secure IoT devices?

That’s part of the problem; many IoT devices are limited to proprietary firmware updates and cannot be patched for specific security flaws. In addition, limited or non-existent UIs (user interfaces) contribute to IoT’s lack of security.

Unlike web servers, computers, smartphones, and other security-minded internet-connected devices, many IoT devices lack built-in security features such as a basic firewall and strong passwords. This makes securing IoT devices even more of a critical task.


Top 31 50 IoT Security Services and Solutions

The following list covers over 40 top IoT security services and solutions for your home, small business, and enterprise. (In alphabetical order)

1 – 10

  • Allot – Protect IoT infrastructure and enterprise customers.
  • Armis – agentless IoT security solution for the enterprise.
  • Atonomi – blockchain-based security solution to protect the Internet of Things.
  • AWS IoT Device Defender – Security management for IoT devices.
  • Azure Defender for IoT – asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat detection for IoT devices.
  • Bastille –  senses, identifies and localizes radio/cellular threats to mitigate.
  • Beezz – protect against the new and growing IoT vulnerabilities.
  • Bitdefender BOX – Protect your entire home network and IoT devices. [home]
  • BlackBerry – Security Software Services.
  • BullGuard security of things – Protects IoT-connected devices. [home and Biz]

11 – 20

  • CENTRI – provides advanced security for the internet of things.
  • Cisco Cyber Vision –  cybersecurity solutions for the internet of things.
  • Cisco IoT security – Internet of Things (IoT) security services.
  • Cortex Xpanse – continuously-updated view of all Internet-connected assets.
  • CUJO – next generation of network security.
  • Cynerio – automated security and risk reduction for every Healthcare IoT device.
  • Entrust – IoT security for e-commerce and public infrastructure applications.
  • F-Secure – detection and response solutions and world-class security services. [home and Biz]
  • Forescout – A Complete Portfolio to Secure Your Enterprise of Things.
  • Fortinet NAC – Security for networks with IoT.

21 – 30

  • Google Cloud IoT Core – securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices.
  • IoT Security Foundation – collaborative, vendor-neutral, international initiatives in IoT. [development]
  • Jfrog – established to change the face of IoT security and compliance. [development]
  • Kudelski-iot – resilient IoT security that’s easy to integrate and operate.
  • Mbed OS – free, open-source IoT operating system. [development]
  • McAfee Embedded Control – Modern defence for the devices you rely on.
  • Mocana – develops mobile application protection (MAP) app-shielding solutions. [mobile]
  • Nanolock – cloud-to-flash security and management for IoT devices.
  • Overwatch – security for the internet of things thru ThreatWatch.
  • Palo Alto Networks – AI-powered IoT Guardian. A cost-effective cloud-based solution for IoT.

31 – 40

  • Praetorian – Internet of Things (IoT) security testing and assessment services.
  • Rapid7 – identify risk and apply solutions to mitigate IoT security issues.
  • Rambus CryptoManager – creates a trusted path for the SoC manufacturing supply chain.
  • Rack911 Labs – routine security auditing for IoT.
  • Red Balloon Security – security provider for embedded devices across all industries.
  • RIDDLE&CODE – blockchain-specific HW that can sit on any IoT device. [development]
  • SAM – tackles cyber security threats by securing the network gateway. [home and Biz]
  • Secure Thingz – security solutions for the emerging Industrial Internet of Things.
  • Securithings – Real-time Security for IoT Solutions.
  • SensorHound – improves reliability and security of IoT.

41 – 50

  • Sequitur Labs – security for IoT and embedded systems.
  • Sternum IoT – Autonomous security and observability platform.
  • Subex – IoT security coverage from real-time monitoring to response and recovery.
  • Symantec for IoT – enterprise-ready solutions for securing IoT devices.
  • Tempered – provides secure connectivity solutions for IoT.
  • Trustwave – secures everyday objects connected to your company’s network.
  • Veridify – security solutions for wireless sensors, smart grids, NFC, RFID, etc.
  • Webroot – real-time protection. [home and Biz]
  • WISeKey – global cybersecurity company.
  • Zymbit – works with IoT developers and OEMs to build trust into devices.




The need for better IoT security is everywhere, from increasing the safety and security of public transportation, automobiles, and homes, to securing manufacturing, communications, and consumer devices.

The IoT suffers from platform fragmentation, lack of interoperability, or common technical standards. The variety of these billions of IoT devices, in terms of hardware and software variations, makes the job of developing applications that work securely between different inconsistent technology ecosystems a hard one!

As such, think of IoT devices as toddlers; when it comes to security, they need parenting and protection. IoT security tools protect from threats and breaches, identify and monitor risks, and help fix/patch vulnerabilities.

Over the coming weeks, I will continue to expand the above list. Many thanks for your suggestions and feedback!


Published: July 16th, 2019
Last updated: Jul 11th, 2022

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