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SolarWinds believes observability is about understanding the complete state of your application and infrastructure environment. Developers and support personnel must have comprehensive and consistent infrastructure and application performance metrics, visibility into application performance down to the line of code, the ability to trace service relationships, and a comprehensive view into related logs.

With their integrated APM experience, SolarWinds® AppOptics and Loggly® deliver affordable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive observability across custom applications and their supporting infrastructure. The ability to immediately view specific log entries associated with given traces provides full-stack observability for developers to understand everything affecting the applications they’re developing—helping ensure optimal performance when applications “go live.” The free plans are designed so developers can test the benefits of complete observability before committing to a solution.

SolarWinds AppOptics Dev Edition is a free, full-function APM tool for testing and troubleshooting application performance before moving into production, with the same capabilities as SolarWinds AppOptics. Intended for pre-production use by application developers, AppOptics Dev Edition delivers comprehensive observability into infrastructure and application metrics, code profiling, and tracing across services, hosts, and containers for proactive application performance troubleshooting pre-production. All functionality of paid AppOptics plans is available, with limits on the number of metrics, hosts, and containers visible.

Sharing the same user experience as AppOptics, SolarWinds Loggly Lite is a free, comprehensive log aggregation, management, and search solution delivering application developers powerful log aggregation, analysis, and search tightly integrated with application and infrastructure performance metrics and traces. Loggly Lite is limited in terms of product features (e.g., no alerting, log archival, etc.) and duration of log retention (7 days) but is targeted at developers and is easily upgradeable to a paid plan with additional capabilities. Initial 30-day trials are full-function and automatically revert to Loggly Lite if a paid plan isn’t purchased.

SolarWinds offers free tools for IT professionals

In addition to free observability tools, SolarWinds offers several additional free tools for IT professionals.”

Solarwinds Free Tools

We at SolarWinds believe that regardless of an organization’s size or budget, IT pros should have access to IT management software that’s reliable and easy to use. That’s why we offer more than 15 tools that are 100% free and can help with various challenges from Network Management to ITSM.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tools. I’ve been using Solarwinds products for ~ 20 years including Solarwinds Orion and more recently AppOptics, Loggly and Pingdom.

    Of the free tools you shared, I’ve found IPmonitor really useful for < 50 nodes and especially due to being agentless:

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